XX век Ретропанорама Billie Holiday Серия: XX век Ретропанорама инфо 1193p.

Содержание 1 Baby, I Don't Cry Over You 2 Girls Were Made To Take Care Of Boys 3 Detour Ahead 4 Blue Turning Grey Over You 5 Be Fair With Me Baby 6 I Cried For You 7 Rocky Mountainбэрщъ Blues 8 What Is This Thing Called Love? 9 This Is Heaven To Me 10 You Can't Lose A Broken Heart 11 Billie's Blues 12 My Sweet Hunk O'trash 13 Gimme A Pigfood And A Bottle Of Beer 14 God Bless The Child 15 My Man 16 Crazy He Calls Meвкпез 17 The Blues Are Brewin' 18 What A Little Moonlight Can Do Исполнитель Билли Холидей Billie Holiday.